UniSPOK information: Prostatitis,skin diseases and reproduction organs treatment


PhotoSPOK:Anti-inflammatory,Antiedematous,Analgetic,Throphy-regenerative,Immunomodulatory,Hemocorrective,Rheocorrective,Neuromyostimulating,body detoxication
A new-generation physio- therapeutic   apparatus   which is practically an effective combination of several physiotherapeutic apparatuses in one. The apparatus is portable, easy-to-use, safe and secure.


UniSPOK is a modern universal magnetotherapeutical device of the SPOK series. The original design of the device includes an electronic unit and a set of 9 specialized inductors. The UniSPOK device and inductors were developed in close collaboration with clinicians, sports physicians, physiotherapists, scientists, physicists, electrical engineers and patients. The design of the apparatus was accompanied by analysis of research in the study of magnetic field influence on the human body, the existing requirements for medical devices, prospective outlook of various branches of modern medicine, requests of doctors and patients. This hard work resulted in Unispok – a device for low frequency magnetic pulse that meets all modern requirements for medical equipment: universality, portability, simplicity and ease of use, reliability and safety. The touch panel is a simple and convenient menu of the UniSPOK electronic unit. The touch panel allows you to adjust parameters of the pulse low frequency magnetotherapy effect, to vary the mode, frequency and rate of the pulse, time of one procedure. This universal feature of the apparatus is important for practical application in clinical, sports medicine and rehabilitation, as well as in scientific research. The original design of UniSPOK inductors provides a targeted, soft and stimulating effect of low frequency pulsed magnetic field on the affected area. This defines a number of physiological and therapeutic effects of magnetotherapy. The device can be used in hospitals of different levels, health centers, first-aid stations, training centers, and at home.

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UniSPOK: Prostatitis,skin diseases and reproduction organs treatment

OrthoSPOK: Arthritis,osteoporosis,joint disorders,osteoarthritis,osteochondrosis of spinal column and rheumatoid arthritis treatment