Devintech UAB: UniSPOK - apparatus of photomagnetotherapy


PhotoSPOK:Anti-inflammatory,Antiedematous,Analgetic,Throphy-regenerative,Immunomodulatory,Hemocorrective,Rheocorrective,Neuromyostimulating,body detoxication
A new-generation physio- therapeutic   apparatus   which is practically an effective combination of several physiotherapeutic apparatuses in one. The apparatus is portable, easy-to-use, safe and secure.


UniSPOK:Anti-inflammatory,Antiedematous,Analgetic,Throphy-regenerative,Immunomodulatory,Hemocorrective,Rheocorrective,Neuromyostimulating,body detoxication Joint's OrthoSPOK D 

Joint or ArthrousOrthoSPOK-D is an apparatus for delivery of a general magnetotherapy with a pulsed magnet field having a special form. Performed with anarthrous inductor, it is used for treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of various pathologies:
  • local osteoporosis;
  • hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint, shoulder joint arthritis;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Marie-Strumpell disease;
  • joint injuries;
  • neurological manifestations;
  • bone fractures and ostitis.

Technical characteristics of Joint’sOrthoSPOK-D:

  • Magnetic induction up to 15 mT
  • Overall dimensions of the electronic unit:
  •  Length up to 200 mm 
  • Width up to 90 mm
  • Height up to 40 mm
  • Overall dimensions of the inductor:
  • Length up to 800 mm
  • Width up to 160 mm
  • Height up to 20 mm
  • Powered by batteries or accumulators (1.5~1.75 Volt, ААА type – 3 pcs)
  • Total weight of the device up to 1.1 kg
 ”Joint's OrthoSPOK D” apparatus is portable, easy-to-use, safe and secure, and may be used at various level medical and prophylactic institutions, recreation centres, on the sports bases, at home, in the car, and at work.

Device SPOK for


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