Magnet therapy: Magnetotherapy history


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About Magnetotherapy

Magnetotherapy is the application of static, variable and pulse magnetic fields (MF) with various characteristics for curative and preventive effect.

Magnetotherapy (MT) is one of the oldest therapeutic methods along with photo and thermotherapy used for the treatment of different diseases.

Ancient physicians practiced their own methods of the use of magnet for treatment. Galen used it as a laxative measure as well as for limiting edema as well. Avicenna applied magnet for treatment of liver lien diseases. Paracelsus used it for hemorrhage, hernia and bone fractures. Lenoble was one of the first to introduce magnet therapy for treatment of mental disorders.

1780 is the officially acknowledged date of the application of magnetotherapy. This also relates to the names of French doctors Henri and Tourret. The studies on magnetic fields and their application in medicine has developed along with technological advancements.

However, the rapid development of electrotechnologies and introduction of impulse therapy into medical practice reduced the interest in magnetotherapy for a certain time. It wasn’t until 50 – 60-s of XX century that the revival of magnetotherapy started again for various reasons not always concerned with medicine. Now it is a more promising and rapidly developing field of physiotherapy.

A number of experiments and clinical observations have shown the high therapeutic effect of magnetic field and its capacity to be applied in combination with other therapeutic methods. Both physiologic and therapeutic effects of magnetotherapy are diverse and greatly depend on technical characteristics of magnetic field as well as applied methods.

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PhotoSPOK:Anti-inflammatory,Antiedematous,Analgetic,Throphy-regenerative,Immunomodulatory,Hemocorrective,Rheocorrective,Neuromyostimulating,body detoxication

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