AndroSPOK: Erectile Dysfunction treatment


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AndroSPOK: Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction is the state at which a man is incapable of achieving a penile erection or the erection is not sufficient to perform a sexual intercourse. The men of ages starting from the adolescent age suffer from the erectile dysfunction. One can hardly find an adult man who at least once in his life has not encountered a sexual failure.

Types of erectile dysfunction

The erectile dysfunction is classified into primary and secondary dysfunction and also selective impotence. A man suffering from the primary dysfunction is never capable of achieving the erection, while the secondary dysfunction is a disorder of a periodic character and the man may enjoy full sexual activity from time to time. A man suffering from the selective erectile dysfunction can achieve erection under specific circumstances, while under other circumstances – cannot.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

All causes of the erectile dysfunction are classified into two main groups, i.e. organic characterized by a specific disorder in an organism and psychological – which is conditioned exclusively by peculiarities of a patient’s mentality. In practice, these causes are most frequently combined when some disease or disorder resulting in the erectile dysfunction is aggravated by psychological factors not allowing the man to reach full erection. All organic causes of the erectile dysfunction are subdivided into endocrine, drug-induced, topical, neurological and vascular causes.

Endocrine causes. If due to some reasons the man’s organism secrets insufficient amount of a male sex hormone (testosterone), this may lead to the erectile dysfunction.

Drug-induced causes. When administered for a long period of time, some drugs or other preparations may cause the erectile dysfunction. Alcohol

Topical factors resulting in the erectile dysfunction are different, but all of them induce sclerosis of the penis cavernous tissue. In health, this tissue is similar to a sponge consisting of small cells. During erection each cell (cavern) is pumped with blood, the penis increases in size and becomes rigid. In the sclerosis-affected penis walls of the cavernous tissue cells stick together and the cells cannot be filled with blood.

Normally, elderly men develop the cavernous tissue sclerosis and as a result they are unable to perform the sexual intercourse.The following factors may increase the rate of cavernous tissue sclerosis progress:
  • penis traumas;
  • frequently practicing prolonged sexual intercourse during which a man wishing to fully satisfy his partner retains the ejaculation;
  • multiple injections into a penis;
  • past priapism (lengthy erection not disappearing on its own).

Neural causes of erectile dysfunction. The erectile disorder may develop after the brain or spinal cord trauma, due to Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, after the pelvic surgery, small pelvis/perinea traumas. Almost in all of the above cases the prognosis for treatment of the disease cause is unfavorable.

Vascular causes of erectile dysfunction. This is the most common group of causes. During the erection, the blood flow in a penis substantially changes – blood inflow abruptly increases via arteries, while blood outflow via veins is actually blocked. This results in two groups of vascular causes of the erectile disorders – insufficient blood inflow via arteries to the penis (arterial insufficiency) and excessive blood outflow via veins during the erection (venous insufficiency).

Such diseases as diabetes mellitus and hypertension should be specifically noted. These diseases are frequently conductive to the erectile dysfunction due to combination of several causes, i.e. vascular, neural, topical and drug-induced.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction play a specific role in inducing this disease. They may result in the erectile disorders on their own, but more frequently psychological factors overlap with an organic cause of the erectile disorders, thereby making it difficult to diagnose and treat this condition. Psychological causes of the erectile dysfunction may reside in an anxiety and depression, indifference to a partner, fear of incapability of performing a sexual intercourse, a conflict between the partners, incompatibility of sexual habits of the partners, passion before performing a sexual intercourse, fatigue, disturbance of the general sense of well-being and health status of a man.

How to treat erectile dysfunction

In principle, all methods improving or normalizing all functions of the organism may be considered as methods for treating the erectile dysfunction. Physiotherapy, hyperbaric oxygenation, magneto-and laser therapy are used.

1. Drug therapy
2. Intracavernous injections
3. Operative therapy (penile prosthesis surgery)

Currently, physiotherapeutic techniques to treat incomplete vascular disorders during the erectile dysfunction are becoming more and more popular. The following physiotherapeutic techniques and methods need to be highlighted: magnetotherapy, TNP-therapy and light therapy. Combining these methods improves the erectile function by stimulating regional blood circulation and microcirculation in the penis vessels, stimulating intracellular regeneration, activating microcirculation and mediately increasing the level of trophic support of tissues through activation of the cells metabolism and enhancement of their functional activity. In addition, combining these modalities produces visible reflexogenic effect on the functional activity of different organs and systems and trains cavernous bodies by cyclically filling them.

We would like to present a unique development for treating the erectile dysfunction – AndroSPOK magnetophotobarotherapy apparatus. A unique AndroSPOK polyfactor apparatus is a new-generation physiotherapy apparatus designed for the magnetophotobarotherapy, i.e. a combined modality therapy comprising light, magnetic field and topical negative pressure. The AndroSPOK magnetophotobarotherapy apparatus may be efficiently used in the complex treatment and prevention of erectile disorders.

How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

Currently, there is no a clear answer to this question, thus, only general tips may be provided. To prevent development of the erectile dysfunction, the below provided recommendations need to be followed:
  • live a normal healthy way of life, have a proper and regular diet, go in for sports and control your health status
  • not to abuse tobacco smoking, alcohol and drugs;
  • not to administer medications which can cause an erection disorder or administer them just on doctor's orders and following directions for use;
  • to have regular sex without lengthy periods of abstinence or sexual excess;
  • to visit an urologist if you damaged a pelvic region and perinea, if you are planning to have pelvic surgery or if you suffer from diabetes mellitus or hypertension.

Multifactor modalities will help strengthen the sexual function and prevent development of such diseases as prostatitis by periodically using the AndroSPOK apparatus in the course of treatment. A unique AndroSPOK polyfactor apparatus is a new-generation physiotherapeutic apparatus designed for the magnetophotobarotherapy, i.e. a combined exposure to light, magnetic field and topical negative pressure. The AndroSPOK magnetophotobarotherapy apparatus may be used for efficient complex treatment and prevention of erectile disorders.

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