AndroSPOK: increase penis size naturally


PhotoSPOK:Anti-inflammatory,Antiedematous,Analgetic,Throphy-regenerative,Immunomodulatory,Hemocorrective,Rheocorrective,Neuromyostimulating,body detoxication
A new-generation physio- therapeutic   apparatus   which is practically an effective combination of several physiotherapeutic apparatuses in one. The apparatus is portable, easy-to-use, safe and secure.

AndroSPOK: To Increase Penis Size – IT IS POSSIBLE!

Main Factors Promoting the Increase

- "AndroSPOK" polyfactor magnetophotobarotherapy apparatus producing synergetic effect:

Chromotherpay (optical polarized visible light - red, yellow, green, blue and infrared irradiation):

- Stimulates hematopoiesis, regional blood flow and lymph efflux

- Improves gas exchange, regeneration processes

- Produces immune-stimulating, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and decongestive effect

- Enhances innervation of a penis balanus, thereby increasing balanus sensitivity during the sexual intercourse.

Low-frequency magnetotherapy (SPOK pulse-based low-frequency pulsed magnetic field):

- Improves blood supply, stimulates metabolism and penis tissue regeneration

- Contributes to deeper penetration of optical radiation into the penis tissues and hence enhances the combined effect (synergism) through the magnetophotoelectric effect (Kikoin-Noskov effect)\

- Improves vascular permeability, microcirculation and transcapillary exchange in the penis tissues

- SPOK pulse stimulates the tissue growth and facilitates regeneration of microdamages

- reinforces the immune system and general performance capability of an organism

Topical negative pressure (TNP) – gradually producing vacuum in a flask using a pump to reach a passive resilient erection of the penis (discomfort and pain should be avoided!!!):

- Maximizes blood flow in penis cavernous bodies resulting in dilation of penile vessels and opening of a larger number of previously not functioning capillaries

- Saturates blood with oxygen to the maximum (oxygenation) to activate cellular metabolism and penis tissue regeneration

- Activates microcirculation and local blood circulation

- Training cavernous bodies follow up the progress made in the penis enlargement

- Partially eliminates the chordee and is recommended for mandatory use after surgical treatment of Peyronie's disease

Methodical Principles Required for Penis Enlargement

Absence of contraindications

- General: acute inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases, idiosyncrasy of physical factors of the magnetic field, polarized light and vacuum.

- Local

Arabic penis enlargement exercise – Jelq (“milking”)

- A large volume of blood is pumped into the penis using a manual penis stimulation which results in formation of controlled microdamages of the penis tissues – it is a specific system of exercises by practicing which you may increase the penis length and volume, however, it requires a lengthy practice (depends on individual physiology);

- Partial elimination of the chordee;

- Premature ejaculation control.

Maintaining the required testosterone level

- Sex hormone being the main contributor to the penis growth.

Proper diet

- An optimal ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to meet your physical loads (characteristic of your lifestyle) –nutrients are building blocks for the body tissues.

Rest (recreation)

- Qualitative and deep night sleep and properly set rest days. Particularly during the recreation, the penis tissues grow and not during exercises (as some people believe). To make penis tissues grow, the body should rest and recreate.

Kegel exercise

- A Kegel exercise consists of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the BC muscle. The BC muscle is the muscle which allows urination to be retained. This exercise increases erection hardness and facilitates the sexual life.

Cyclicity of exercises

- Use of CNS excitation principles from the body building theory to repeat the “growth of the phenomenon of a novice” (three months of exercises) combined with a lengthy recreation (one month of rest supported by the «AndroSPOK» apparatus to follow up the progress made).

The combined synergetic effect produced by using the above modalities is as follows:

More rapid restoration (regeneration), stimulation of the penis tissue growth and follow up the progress made!!!

"AndroSPOK" scope:

Device SPOK for


PhotoSPOK:Anti-inflammatory,Antiedematous,Analgetic,Throphy-regenerative,Immunomodulatory,Hemocorrective,Rheocorrective,Neuromyostimulating,body detoxication

AndroSPOK: Increase penis size,premature ejaculation,prostatitis and erectile dysfunction treatment